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Services Offered

Initially I conduct a thorough assessment on all patients. Following this we will consider your physiotherapy goals, and agree an initial treatment plan. Your plan may include treatments such as the examples listed below, if you are in agreement and it is appropriate to your needs. For more detail on any treatment or other services offered, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Home Visits

If getting out and about is difficult, or you would rather I came to you. For help with your mobility, post operative rehab or help rehabilitating normal movement patterns, home visits can be arranged within 20 miles of Framlingham.

Sports Rehabilitation

Trying to return to playing sport post injury ? My Sport Science background will help focus a sport specific rehabilitation structure. 

Pressure Point Massage

Shoulder treatment with kinesio tape.jpg

Kinesio Taping

I am trained in Kinesio Taping Method. Not just for the elite sportsmen and women and not just a passing fad. The application of this tape can facilitate healing. It can offer support to joints and work to help activate muscle function without inhibiting range of motion. Visit

for more information.



Acupuncture involves the insertion of very needles into the skin. Used in China for over 2,000 years and increasingly in Western medicine with a growing body of evidence supporting its effectiveness. It can be used alongside other physiotherapy treatments to treat a wide range of health problems and to reduce pain.

I may discuss this as a treatment option to you, if appropriate.

Post Operative Rehabilitation

AACP_Logo_Blue280_without strapline loze

Just had orthopaedic surgery; maybe a joint replacement, or an ACL repair? Whatever your surgery it is really important that you follow rehabilitative physiotherapy.

Massaging specific pressure points may can provide relief from pain and muscle tension

Manual Techniques and Manipulation

Both of these are hands on techniques, they are pain free methods that can sometimes assist in regaining motion in stiff joints.

Soft Tissue Massage

This involves direct physical action over muscle or other soft tissues,  within your body. It is a useful technique to help relax muscles,  reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation and reduce pain.

Gentle Chair Based Exercise Class in Stradbroke

Gentle chair-based movements to focus on strength, balance and stretching.

2-3 pm at Stradbroke Community Centre. 

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